Move on...

"Nothing has changed. 
To drift apart skillfully or to reconcile stylishly, we haven't learned either but we know, at 18 in the tough times, how each one cried and was hurt and how we broke down. 
How intense we were. 
At 18, we fell, liked, cried, ran away, knelt down. 
We turned our back from each other. 
Despite that, at 18, we ran towards each other, held each other's hands, we hugged with all might.
 We can fall down again and maybe we could kneel again. 
Despite that, we go straight." 
- The Heirs - 

In this life, we never know the picture of our future. I've laughed and cried. Sometimes I thought that it was only me that involve in the relationship but I kept that out of my mind and stay positive. From the beginning, I should have known that some kind of loves may be hurt and some of it may be our real love, it just we will never know it.

But behind that, love can be our strength. Strength to start something new. Strength to keep us holding on. And strength to move on. We learned from the past. For me, love is a lesson and it is unpredictable. Always get your heart ready because some peoples changed and feelings fade. I've been through this shit and its really hurt.

I've decided that I will never ever fall again after him. I've learned to be a loyal, honest and perfect lover although we've been through so many obstruction. I just hope that this time it really works on us. Give up or move on? Its all up to us. And I choose to MOVE ON. 

" Jodoh di tangan tuhan. Kalau ada jodoh adalah, kalau dah tak ada terima je. Allah akan gantikan dengan yang lebih baik. Inshaa Allah. "